Ciubotica cucului – Primula elatior – Oxlip 

The name of this flower has always fascinated me, and I’ve only seen it for the first time in my life in my early 30s.

The Romanian name is Ciubotica cucului. The word ciubotica is a diminutive for ciubota, an archaic term for boot. Cuc is a bird, the cuckoo. So the name would mean the cuckoo’s little boot (hence my fascination for it).

In English, it is called the Oxlip (another interesting name), while it’s scientific name has a beautiful sound to it: Primula elatior.

It is a medicinal Plant, used as tea for boosting immunity, for the nervous system (helps with falling asleep) and for the heart.

You can find it on meadows and in forest clearings.

Scientific name: Primula elatior

More information on Wikipedia. 

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