Mierea ursului – Pulmonaria obscura – Unspotted lungwort

I found this flower in the forest where it stood out in a sea of green, with its flowers of different shades of blue and purple. I later found out from an elder in our family it is called Mierea Ursului (translation from Romanian is Bear’s Honey) or Plamanarica (a derivate of the Romanian word for lung, plaman).

Like many other plants found in the area where I live, this one is a medicinal herb too. In English, it is called the unspotted lungwort – so the ‘lung’ idea seems to be kept in all languages.

And there’s a reason for the name – tea made out of this plant’s leaves and flowers is used to treat respiratory illnesses, including asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis and some lung illnesses.

Scientific name: Pulmonaria obscura

More about the plant on Wikipedia. 

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