This flower, the forget-me-not, or Nu-ma-uita in Romanian, is indeed unforgettable.

I first saw a single plant with three flowers of an incredible blue, on a meadow near the forest in early May. It is a small flower, yet it leaves a powerful mark with its unbelievable color.

It also has a beautiful smell, especially in the evening.

I later found many more flowers, but smaller, and without sugh a bright color. The blue was almost white in some of them.  That is a variety called Scorpion Grass, or Myosotis Scorpioides.

There are three types – blue (the most common), white and pink. A pink forget-me-not I have yet to see.

It is used as an ornamental flower as it is not only a wild flower, but a ‘tamed’ one as well, and it can be planted in the garden.

Scientific name: Myosotis

More about the flower on Wikipedia. 

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