Urzica moarta – Lamium purpureum – Purple deadnettle

This flower called Urzica Moarta – in translation from Romanian, dead nettle, close to its name in English, which is Purple Deadnettle – is very, very widespread in Romania. You can see it everywhere, including on the sides of the road in the countryside, in almost all regions.

It is related to the nettle, but it does not contain the nettle substance than sting and irritate the skin. Some people say it can be used as a medicinal herb or even use it in salads, but I have never seen anybody using it like this. In our village and in the village where I grew up, it was considered a weed, and people got rid of it.

It blossoms in spring, for a very long time. You almost get tired of seeing it, everywhere, all the time J

Scientific name: Lamium purpureum

More about the purple deadnettle on Wikipedia


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